Ranonauts – Community Edition

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This recording session was unfortunately marred by a couple of technical issues that I noticed far too late, as a result the in game audio is much louder than normal and the game camera more zoomed in. I hope you can bear with it and please actually let me know what you think about the sound levels, I find it pretty tricky to work out what the appropriate levels are as I am very tolerant of game noise being loud and I worry that I overcompensate for that sometimes.

I actually have no idea what the community edition of Xenonauts brings, my decision to move to it was predicated entirely by Volatar telling me that it was simply more up to date and simply a better experience and a quick search also informed me that it is compatible with saves from the main branch, so there was no need to restart the whole shebang. This means that during this Let’s Play I am not going to be able to distinguish whether any given design decision I comment on was made by the original developers or the community involved in the community edition.

This mission also marks the first arrival of soldiers from the commenters and friends, please let me know if I misspelt your name or if there are any changes you would like to make and I will be happy to see them reflected in the next recording session. I am going to start including some statistics so that it is easy to track just how well we are doing over the course of the game.

Please welcome the following volunteers to the Ranonauts project:

  • Volatar
  • McNutcase
  • Artur Caldazar
  • Thanatos
  • Krellen
  • Aulayan
  • Keab42
  • Red Nightmare7
  • Navarran

To date Ranonauts has:

  • defended the earth for 1 month and 1 day
  • lost 3 soldiers
  • killed 23 aliens in 4 ground battles
  • shot down 1 alien craft
  • had one aircraft shot down
  • received $4,117,368 in funding

If you would like to become a soldier in the Ranonauts project please leave a comment or fill in your information here, the next set of new soldiers will arrive after episode six.


  1. I’d like to switch out my posting preference to “Indochina” alongside Grouchoros (my brother)

  2. The sound levels are OK, although you might want to knock the game sound down just a tiny bit. You’re coming through loud and clear.

    Also, the Xenonauts tag for this entry is spelled incorrectly. I’m catching up and I almost missed this episode out. :P

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