Ranonauts – Funding Shortfall

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I am still not sure how quickly you are meant to build new bases in Xenonauts. I get the sense that they are at least as important as Satellites are in XCOM. Without their radar coverage I can’t deal with aliens in most of the globe and if I leave those aliens alone I will lose funding and the game. On the other hand if I have no money I can’t actually recruit replacements or build the tools I need to handle thing, I definitely crossed the line here and can hear the proverbial straw noisily trying to consume the last few drops while everything grinds to a halt. I think the overall approach was good, but I need to slow down the expenditure a little, or perhaps I should have just started building the base later in the month.

I have a feeling that later in the game more bases should allow me to fight aliens more frequently, which also should generate revenue. The key will be making sure that the revenue gained from alien fights does not outweigh the hiring costs of replacing casualties.

It also took me a while to realise that the choppers are not automatically refilled and I was starting to go into combat understaffed. It comes about from the separation between outfitting and beginning combat missions, in other more recent games like XCOM and Massive Chalice initiating a mission immediately kicks you into a soldier selection and outfit screen, here of course it has to be done before you launch the chopper. I wonder how effective it would be to have a mod that brings up the soldier screens whenever a chopper is selected for an intercept mission. That is after all basically the only time you ever really care about what is going onto a chopper and what loadout your soldiers are using.

If you would like to join the Ranonauts program and do your part against the alien menace please leave a comment or fill out the paperwork here. The earliest new soldiers will arrive is episode six.

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