Ranonauts – Recruiting

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The biggest stumbling block I encounter this time is the way that Xenonauts handles the recruitment process, where construction and manufacturing timelines are made very clear, I have yet to find any indicator for when scientist, engineers and new soldiers will arrive at a base. Not even just a standard amount of time it takes for recruits to reach the base.

I also manage to lose two soldiers in this fight, losses feel more prevalent in the early game than in the new XCOM games, I suspect that it is easier to deal with because the starting squad size is so much larger in Xenonauts. Losing 2 soldiers is painful, but not catastrophic. Or at least not immediately catastrophic, there is plenty of time for things to go wrong after all as this is only fight number two.

If you would like to join the Ranonauts project, please fill out the paperwork here or provide your details in a comment below. At this time new recruits will arrive in the sixth episode.

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  1. To be honest, the deaths-per-mission of your playstyle so far are helping to cement the tone.

    It’s a joy to watch.

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