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Like almost all the games I have done Let’s Plays for lately, Xenonauts isn’t exactly a new game, but it is a game I have been meaning to play for quite some time. I remember seeing it announced back in 2009, as a response to news of the then upcoming shooter XCOM game. I always like to see indies take the lead in areas and genres that AAA are neglecting so I decided to keep an eye on it and when it showed up on kickstarter much later I backed it, it saw final 1.0 release last year, ironically two years after the excellent turn based tactical XCOM game came out. It is pretty interesting to compare the two games given their common source and I will probably do so a lot.

It is important to remember that Xenonauts mechanically clings much more closely original UFO: Enemy Unknown than the reboot does and it should be interesting to see how well I do given how badly I fared in the original DOS games. Hopefully I have learned a lot in the intervening 21 years, welcome to Ranonauts Incompetent Planetary Defence, if you would like to enlist please leave your name, and any preferences regarding your posting and position.

NB: At the time of this posting the earliest time new recruits can arrive is episode 4


  1. Looking at this game, I love the difference in tone between it and EU. EU seems to be much more “sci-fi” from day 1, whereas Xenonauts seems much more rooted in reality (?).

    Alongside this is EU feeling n more like “Heroes fighting aliens” while Xenonauts focuses more on the horror of “Ordinary people fighting by his unknowable menace.” The art really reflects this.

    I can’t wait to see if this direction is kept throughout the campaign.

    1. I think the sense of reality comes from a variety of factors:
      – the 1970s setting and the use of real (or sufficiently real for me) aircraft
      – larger squad sizes and the occasional civilian presence (more in mission deaths)
      – A much more detailed geoscape, complete with plane travel times and non cosmetic UFO movement

  2. Sign me up, boss! We’ll take down E.T. and be home in time for Christmas.

    As a big fan of the old XCOMs that I’d played (TFTD and Apocalypse), I was an early backer of this. I played a little of it in its pre-Steam incarnations, but then EU showed up. I enjoyed that so much that I don’t think I want to go back to this style of play.

    It’s really annoying how bad your soldiers are to begin with. I know they need room for improvement, but I wouldn’t trust these guys to guard a mall.

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