Brothers A Tale of Two Rans – Episode 6 – Trees Are Life

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I feel like I have been a little harsh with Brothers the past few posts, but that is mostly because the rest of the game doesn’t really have much worth commenting on, particularly repeatedly. They did a fantastic job with the art, it is stylised enough that it hasn’t aged badly and they can make their characters express themselves despite not having much if any facial animation.

Mechanically the game is simple, but not too easy, the inherent limitation of controlling two characters with the one mind complicates things a surprising amount and the story they tell is touching if bare of details. Especially the loss near the end, the death of the older brother hit very close to home for me though my own experiences may leave me fairly vulnerable to those kinds of stories. I was genuinely moved by the death and burial sequence, though I think mechanically the most powerful part was the most obtuse. Getting the younger brother to swim, once you understand how is a beautifully realised mechanical metaphor demonstrating the growth of the younger brother and the guidance of the older.

Having now played through the game I definitely agree with the praise I recall seeing around the time of release, it is definitely an experience worth having.

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