Brothers A Tale of Two Rans – Episode 5 – A Trip To Frozen Town

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It is remarkable now incurious everyone is about the town and its surroundings. Even before the boys close to it we get a hint, mysteriously frozen people in the logging camp definitely show that something is wrong, but you cannot get either one to interact or react to them it is surprising because of how much time Brothers spends on ensuring that each of the two can react and interact differently with so many different little irrelevant objects but here they do nothing. It doesn’t really involve them and they are just passing through with the surprisingly athletic and strong young woman they rescued last time.

The whole experience here leaves me wanting. I want to know more about this village, why it was under attack and how everyone on both sides was frozen in an instant. None of the frozen bodies shows any hint of panic or surprise at the fate of the rest, they must have been caught completely unaware. But I guess ultimately the tree of life cannot be found here, the tale continues.

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