Brothers A Tale of Two Rans – Episode 1 – A Trip To Town

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I have been meaning to play Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons since shortly after it released to some very high praise, but for some reason I never ended up getting past the first roughly half an hour. It is a relatively short game with an interesting mechanical hook, a pretty world to wander through and a strong emotional hook despite no dialogue beyond Simlish, it seems like it would be right up my alley. Instead it has languished on my backlog, it was only on consoles, then I was waiting for a sale, then other games distracted me and I just never fuond the time for a couple of nice long dedicated sessions.

It is much easier to make time though when you are trying to do Let’s Plays so I finally sat down, plugged in my wired 360 controller and played from the start.

As beginnings go it works pretty well, you have a cutscene that shows your family have experienced loss recently and are likely to face it again soon, it introduces the fairly simple controls of the interaction button and thumbstick per character, it teaches you that sometimes both brothers have to work on the same object and sometimes they have to work apart and you take a trip into town.

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