Human Ransource Machine – Episode 5 – Solution Expansion

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Progress slows down pretty drastically in the last 8 floors or so, the problems are much more complex and as a result so are the solutions. This means that it also takes a lot more work to optimise these, a lot of my evening free time during my Portugal trip was occupied with optimising these later levels and now here are a few tips you can use when optimising for size.

  1. Iteration is really useful. Start with a working solution, then tweak it.
  2. Don’t worry too much about edge cases. They take more lines to check for and we don’t care if they are incredibly slow
  3. Try to ensure that your code is as generic as possible, if you can reuse the same code section you also reduce lines
  4. Remember to use what you are holding after a check. Jump Zero means you are holding a 0, you can use that to reset counters and pointers. without an extra copyfrom
  5. Jump statements can take you in the middle of a loop, not just at the start. Consider where you want to enter a section of code the first time around

As always head to Page 2 for the optimised solutions.

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