Human Ransource Machine – Episode 1 – Small Cog, Big Machine

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Much like Jarenth I too was drawn in by the prospect of the Tomorrow Corporation’s latest puzzle game, Human Resource Machine. I will try not to repeat most of his comments, but to give you a little context about my knowledge going into this game I studied programming at University and I can code, but I am not a professional by any means and all of my experience with programming is at a much higher level than the slightly crippled assembler used in Human Resource Machine.

I will also note that while the video series does not spend the time and effort on optimisation, I did go back and do it for nearly every level in the game. I will try to make that (slightly terrible) code available on each post for this game. On this particular episode however I am going to skip the first 7 years as given how simple they are, and how restricted your instruction set is, your code will look pretty much the same as mine.

Given this code is text, hop over to the next page to see it.

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