Rantro Game Crunch – Brains and Hearts

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I just did not get Brains and Hearts, unlike say Wub-Wub Wescue where I understood the rules, the goal and the basic systems of the game with little time or effort needed to explain, even in my third game of Brains and Hearts I was still making apparently fundamentally bad moves. I found the rules to somehow sound simple and yet very confusing in practice.

As you can see in the video I would make my play with my cards and then be confused as to why I then was unable to capture. When you couple that with Brains and Hearts’ lack of story or any form of advancement and there just wasn’t any desire to keep playing very long.


  1. Honestly, I think part of the problem is the fact that they throw in cards that aren’t clearly numbered into the mix right in the beginning. Like it seems simple enough: get a run of three cards in a row, at least one of which belongs to your opponent, and repeat until victory.

    Then they add in a bunch of twists without really bothering to explain them or the various non-numbered cards.

    1. Oh definitely.

      Why does the Wormhole tutorial only trigger when you first draw that card, not at least on the first time it is put into play by you or your opponent?

      When should you roll to see if you can adjust existing cards into a run? Why should you do that?

      When should you lock a card you just played?

      The tutorial and rest of the game just wasn’t any good at giving me that information.

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