Rantro Game Crunch – Paradox Lost

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It might be telling that my immediate assumption when looking at the sprites is “Probably some kind of platformer” but to be fair, the era of gaming evoked by the art used in these games was dominated by platformers.

I am very comfortable with describing Paradox Lost as a metroidvania title. It has all the hallmarks, multiple weapons to swap between, upgrades that let you get through obstacles that were previously impassable, a map so you can work out where you have been and where you are going. Of course the map is made somewhat less useful due to the constant time-travelling between eras, effectively these are transitions between map layers, but it is pretty difficult to keep a layout in your head when you have multiple paths on top of each other.

This is easily my favourite game from the collection, the controls are responsive, it gives me hit points and a fairly straightforward mechanism for increasing my health and a kind of vague mystery story, who set up these time crystals? Why is the first boss so amazingly incompetent?

I was pretty surprised that there wasn’t really a need to rescue your ancestors before finishing the game, there isn’t even a mention of it in the victory screen, my victory probably stranded most of them in the present or future, but I guess that is a problem for another time.

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