Rantro Game Crunch – GAIA-ttack!

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The core idea of GAIA-ttack seems pretty familiar; a running fight as you climb to the top of a structure, in this case a giant pit. Then you fight a boss and move on to the next level. Rinse and repeat. It is a pretty old concept in games and while not common nowadays you do see the occasional call back, for example the final level of Trine.

GAIA-ttack executes this concept competently, the controls are pretty responsive, the enemies are colour coded for the players convenience, red gives health, yellow gives magic and purple are just there to beat up, but ultimately I don’t find it very satisfying. It is very clearly hand crafted, but as the game ramps up it feels like enemies are placed specifically to frustrate me. Combine that with a clearly set formula for the end of each level, a fight with a pirate captain on an airship, and my enthusiasm flags. Sure the pirate captain learns a new trick each time but you will need more than that to get me to push past the difficulty wall and GAIA-ttack just doesn’t deliver on that.

On the other hand it is designed as a 4-player local co-op game, I could see that experience being fun and not especially long. Unfortunately I do not have 4 friends handy and the keyboard controls suggested by the launcher seems to require that you have 3 talented contortionists as friends.

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