Rantro Game Crunch – End of Line

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Next up in the Retro Game Crunch list is End of Line, which in retrospect would make a lot more sense as the seventh game in the list, but maybe that was considered a little too on the nose for the people make the collection. When I first saw the title card for End of Line I just assumed it would be some kind of Megaman-esque platformer. The robot and factory aesthetic, the glowing dash to me which implied a charged attack all lead to that assumption. This is what I get for not researching anything and just going in blind.

End of Line is instead a puzzle game where the goal is for your robot to die, like the other games in this bundle there isn’t much of a story developed, we have no idea of the motivation of this robot, but we do know that there are a number of other robots in each area that keep all the other robots functioning so before you can complete the level you have to commit some kind of robot murder first.

The little interludes with the factory controls are interesting, especially the suggestion that the robot is being controlled, and there are way more levels than I am likely to get through. So far it is my favourite of this collection.

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