Ran’s Course Through Dyscourse – Day 8 – An End

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And so we come to an end for Dyscourse. I didn’t exactly do the best job of keeping people alive, I didn’t even succeed in repairing George and Jolene’s marriage like I told Museli I would. On the other hand, turns out that Jolene is a monster who must be locked up for the good of the group. The tiny, tiny group.

One of the things that finishing the game unlocks is the ability to play shift back in the timeline and play from an earlier day. I had hoped this would literally form a branching timeline, such as those found in Papers, Please or Hack ‘n’ Slash. So you could play around a bit and easily contrast and compare them. Unfortunately it appears to overwrite the single save slot with an earlier one, you can’t easily revisit the other leg of the trouser of time.

You could definitely do better than I did, though like Jarenth I suspect that it is impossible to avoid at least one death in any given run, if only because there are suspiciously only 5 slots for people standing around the fire in the village and that means either only 5 people can possibly make it there, or I guess you HAVE to arrest and jail someone in the village finding process.

I will leave it to you dear reader/viewer to explore the other paths, I am undecided on whether or not I am going to poke around further. I frankly am not sure I have the time and patience to dedicate to it. I should also note that there is a free expansion which gives another storyline involving a party of indie game creators stuck on an island. I might look at doing a series on that one, time will tell.


  1. Thanks for the series, Ran, it was a lot of fun. :)

    Given what we’ve learned about Jolene, I think you got a pretty decent ending. ‘Get divorced, catch a big fish’ feels like the Good Ending for George, and Rita made a friend. Good work!

    It’s mean, but I also laughed at the line about Steve’s salary. Three years not covering the funeral costs? He hated his job, *and* it paid barely nothing. Poor Steve.

    1. I prefer to think that Steve’s family organised a ridiculously lavish funeral for him.

      Thanks for watching Museli, I am glad you enjoyed it. =)

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