Ran’s Course Through Dyscourse – Day 5 – Military Supplies

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Despite not eating yesterday I am leaning heavily on the reasoning that in this game Only The PC Can Succeed, so I have sent a starving Rita out with Jolene to find food and a… military base? Where are we? Whose military build and then abandoned this? Is this, as I assume it is, some kind of Lost reference? How many questions can I chain together?

As a result of not eating this is a very short day and thus a short episode, another consequence of defining an episode by day rather than my normal method of splitting by closest natural ending point to 30 minutes.

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  1. I wonder what you would have been doing if you’d decided to not tag along. Just sat in the cave and chatted to the others, maybe.

    Personally I’m happy with the episode lengths – the end of a day is a sensible place to stop, and I’m happy to sprinkle some shorter videos into my backlog. Sometimes you just want to watch something for ten minutes or so.

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