Ran’s Course Through Dyscourse – Day 2 – Hot Flares

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I enjoy the early stages of these kind of stories. There is just something I find compelling about trying to meet some of the very basic necessities like food, water and heat. Though of course in this case I completely ignored the need to find water in favour of exploring the plane for supplies. This predictably end well.

I am already getting the idea that in Dyscourse, progress can only seem to come from Rita which immediately makes my opinion of the rest of the party drop. If they feel useless I am going to find it much harder to empathise with them and work to save them. It may be kind of heartless but seriously, give me a reason to care.


  1. I demand that you fix George and Jolene’s marriage for them during this adventure. They seem like good folks.

    I really enjoy watching this type of game for the first time, before I inevitably find out that it doesn’t branch out as much as I’d thought. On the first playthrough, anything is possible and I find myself second-guessing every little decision, not knowing which have affected the story. Could Steve have made the jump and avoided burning himself if his legs hadn’t been slashed up by the crab horde? Boom! Butterfly effect.

    1. Honestly I did not even think about the crab attack reducing Steve’s ability to run off and jump. I blame the 3 week gap between episode 1 and 2 being recorded.

      1. It’s entirely possible that I’m just over-thinking things because of all of the ‘Until Dawn’ LPs I’ve been watching recently. Although it may not tell a better story than, say, the Walking Dead, I believe it is the finest recent example of interactive storytelling in games.

        No plans to stop over-thinking things though, as that’s a big part of the fun. :)

    2. Don’t worry, as the only characters with a pre-existing relationship they start off more interesting than the rest. Definitely want to find out more about them. We will see if this is good or bad for them.

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