Ran’s Course Through Dyscourse – Day 1 – Hard Crash

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Much like Jarenth, I too backed Dyscourse, but I then didn’t get around to actually playing it because it released at around the same time as a number of other games I kickstarted and I knew I wanted to do a let’s play at some stage.

So here we are, one of a small number of quirky survivors of a plane crash attempting to survive on a very strange island. We have our frying pan, we have some pretzels, we can do this. We can save everyone.

One comment

  1. I can’t believe you attacked the crabs rather than trying to scare them off. You monster.

    Presumably, you wouldn’t have been able to ask Garrett about the plane if you’d not spoken to Teddy first. I wonder how often that sort of thing happens, given the huge number of different combinations of people you could select.

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