Indie A Poor Simile For An Excuse Land

Heya, readers. Sorry, there’s no Indie Wonderland today: I spent all of last week hosting an international guest and basically painting the country red, and as such, I didn’t have the time to really play anything for the column.

I mean, I played some of this game, but this is hardly an indie game at all.

It just had a bunch of random guns and some weird story about handsome dragons.

And I played some of this game, but that’s not even a computer game.

Look at this horrible low-tech wood and cardboard affair.

I also spent some time in this place, which I guess has some games.

If you’re going to that place for the *games*, though, you might be doing it wrong.

But I have no idea how I’d incorporate this thing into here.

So I won’t. If you don’t know what this means, you wouldn’t care anyway.

So, once again, sorry. I was going to put up a warning earlier, but then I realized I could get some easy sight gags out of the whole deal instead.

Regular service resumes next week.

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