Early Access Week – Orion Trial

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Orion Trail is what you get when you decide to mix a Star Trek parody with a combination of FTL and Oregon trail. I knew almost nothing about it going in having done only cursory research before accepting the key from a friend of mine who ended up with a spare.  Basically I looked at the pictures on the steam page and googled it to find out it had been kickstarted some time ago.

I’m not sure what the best strategy is, I suspect that you should be looking at focusing on probably just two skills per sector. Makes it pretty likely you will get at least one option in the right colour and have the greatest possible chance of success in that option. I also really like the way redshirts work in the away mission, where though you are relying on a single officer’s skills, your redshirts basically act as a bonus to all tests, but if you used one to succeed, that redshirt died.

What I don’t like is the apparently pretty small pool of events, I had a couple repeated over two runs in two different sectors and I am always a bit wary seeing repetition that early, though obviously with 3 different skill choices for each event it is a chance to see the other possible outcomes. I don’t think I would be happy to see Space Weasels a dozen time of the course of finishing the game. It also seems like the game is rigged to ensure you are running very low on supplies by the end of a sector, failing an event often loses a punishing amount of resources and winning often won’t even give you enough supplies to cover the trip to the next star, this is definitely not a sustainable space adventure.

That said I will keep an eye on it, they only seem to have implemented a relatively small number of the planned sectors so far and it will be interesting to see how it changes as the game fills out.

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