Early Access Week – Ran Signature Alpha

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Rather than leap into a new extended game I thought I would spend this week trying some of the alphas and early access titles sitting in my steam library. In this case Heat Signature, the next game from Gunpoint’s Tom Francis. Getting at this game is kind of unusual, rather than being a separate game in my steam library it is currently built into Gunpoint. Until the 30th of August , owners of the Exclusive edition DLC for Gunpoint get an option on launch to instead play Heat Signature.

It is pretty bare bones at this point, but the basics are there you have enemy ships, a procedural mission structure and a surprisingly satisfying stealth system. I enjoyed sneaking up behind guards and beating them unconscious with a wrench possibly a little more than is reasonable, but my favourite feature is the ability to blow sections completely out of enemy ships via explosives or shooting fuel storage. That it was possible came completely out of left field. The game feels pretty procedural but I really hope that Tom can build a funny and interesting story into it like he did with Gunpoint.

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