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It has been barely over three weeks and my great new opportunity afforded to me by the labour lottery has been an utter nightmare. The rules change nearly every day, my bosses are suspicious, hostile and spineless. EZIC are the only group that seem to actually want me to achieve something and are willing to award me for doing so. In the mean time with the mix of constantly changing rules and increasing amounts of paperwork to cross reference my job is getting harder and I am currently only able to keep afloat via bribes. I couldn’t even afford to give my son a birthday present.

I have been asked to deal with the man in red. It just comes down to another key and a slightly different gun. I can do this, really is it any worse than what I did to Khaled? Only because there is no doubt as to the consequences this time. There will be no delay there will be no question. Within the week I will be dead, but EZIC will see my family to safety. It will be over.

Thus ends my Papers Please Let’s Play. It was interesting playing the game pretty out of character and then trying to justify my mostly mechanical actions with in character motivations. This is probably the most egregious example, I am well aware that if I chose I could load a save and avoid this ending and the game goes on for at least another week. If I do so however it will be some point in the future, this game is remarkably well crafted but it ultimately is a stressful paperwork simulator. It immerses me in the stress and the need to just keep going a little too well and I don’t think I could maintain the focus needed to push through to the end.

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  1. Heh. I loved Papers, Please, but I totally get your point re: stress. I… I still occasionally have nightmares of that goddamn fax sound.

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