Poison in Ranstotzka

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I can’t believe I didn’t notice that I would be reimbursed if I were to move back to a class 8 apartment, I just assumed that I would still have to cover the moving costs and in doing so I completely missed the lack of the minus sign in my summary. It is embarrassing to realise the financial hardship I have experienced the last few days would have been entirely avoided if I had just read my daily finances slightly more thoroughly. No wonder I am such a terrible inspector. I cannot keep doing this, continuing in this role for much longer will result in destitution, starvation and the doom me and my kin.

Ezic have asked me to dirty my hands, I just have to apply some powder to a very particular passport. Somehow I agreed to it, they are agents of change and I am already irrevocably tainted if the government ever learns of my connection with them. I must proceed. I am sorry, so sorry. Papers, please.

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