Tranqs in Ranstotzka

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The ministry of admissions is a bizarre and strange organisation at times. Apparently they have decided that despite the frequent terror attacks on this checkpoint men are needed elsewhere and I must assist in defending the checkpoint in any future incidents. I guess they figure that given the mandatory service all male Ranstotzkan’s must go through, they can rely on my hopefully not too rusty gun handling skills. I am of course hoping against hope that there won’t be call to use it in the future. At least it is merely a tranq rifle better to knock out these terrorists and to bring them to justice.

The rate at which I am making mistakes only seems to be increasing and between that and the higher rent of the Class 7 apartment my finances are looking pretty dire. Moving was a mistake, if only I could afford to move out. My son’s birthday is coming up and I wish I could afford to buy him a present. I am a terrible border inspector.

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