Crime in Ranstotzka

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In the Ministry of Admission’s unfailing wisdom and willow like approach to current events I now have to keep an eye out for most wanted criminals that apparently are constantly crossing our border. Perfect yet another thing to keep track of while also trying to make sure every other piece of documentation is accurate. That combined with both sides of an apparent espionage war are really fraying my nerves. I am making more and more mistakes as everything mounts up. At this rate this job will bankrupt me and then where will my family be? Starving, cold and sick.

They could at least give me most wanted posters I could put on the back wall rather than forcing me to keep the paper open on my desk, but I guess they want the criminals captured rather than merely scared off. I do not like the direction things are taking, but what can I really do about it? I am just a border control officer, my job is just to say “papers, please” and ensure every single little detail is correct whilst getting as many people checked as possible each day.

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