Ranmerged – Time To Go

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With this episode our time with Submerged is at an end. There are still plenty of secrets to collect to fill out the story of the city, and in fact I did that in a stream the same day Submerged came out. I am definitely up for discussing what the cities story is, because some of the later stages are… odd, I can’t say I am totally confident that my interpretation is correct because some of the events that I think it talks about do not seem physically possible.

I found it kind of strange to see Miku and Taku’s backstory catch up to them inside the city, it just seems odd to have the game relay information I already have. I know what Miku did in the city, I was there I was controlling her at the time, those events are not a revelation, in general game backstory that gets revealed through play doesn’t go past the beginning without there being something new to say. Maybe it is for a returning player who just wants to look at the story rather than play through it again?

I definitely did not see the final twist coming, frankly it feels pretty deus ex machina, the remnant absorbing the changes, reverting Miku and allowing the pair to leave. It feels like a bit of a cheat to give the player a happy rather than a bitter sweet ending. Ultimately like many exploration focused games like these the story and sense of place are what the game relies on, if they grab you from the start you are likely to have a good time, if they don’t, then it is probably best to give it a miss. I was pretty keen from the start, based on the art style, the concept and my misplaced assumption that it was set in Sydney. I definitely had fun playing through it, I hope you had fun watching.

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