Ranmerged – Taku Needs Hopsital

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Somewhat unsurprisingly Taku continues to need supplies, really he needs a hospital pity there isn’t a functional one to be found in this city. There is a ruined one on the outskirts though, definitely work a look for one of the supplies we need. As I mentioned last time, it appears that the city in this game is entirely fictional. That I cannot find anything about Saaftinge Hospital on Google certainly seems to back this up, it seems that the name is a reference a place in the Netherlands known as the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe, which is hardly going to have modern looking buildings in it.

I continue to enjoy the look and feel of this game, the ruin is a pretty peaceful place. I do have some quibbles about plants that grow directly from concrete with no root system, there are many places where it is abundantly clear that the plants have been placed purely to look good from the boat. Plants that are growing out of bare concrete railings, plants growing in air and trees growing on a thin concrete slab with no sign of a root system. Most of the time it is fine but it definitely grates at points..

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