Ranmerged – First Time in the Big City

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I am taking a brief break from Papers Please because I had the opportunity to play through Submerged by Uppercut Games, obtaining a copy via the big red Press This Button if you want a promo key. The thing that first caught my eye for this game was the thumbnail for the trailer (which frustratingly appears to have changed). This thumbnail shows the ruins of a bridge that looks remarkably like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, that combined with the Screen Australia logo made me leap to the inaccurate conclusion that this game must be set in a post-apocalyptic Sydney.

I have never seen a game that would let me wander around Sydney, let alone a post-apocalypse version so I was really eager to get my hands on this game. That this assumption turned out to be completely unfounded is by far my greatest disappointment from this game. Instead I had to cope with a mysterious, fictional city whose history was available to me only through collecting books that would provide me with individual images I could piece together to tell its story. It turns out that I am definitely weak to this kind of thing.

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