Spy in Ranstotzka

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After repeated citations since getting this job I decided to get serious. I have utilised the latest in recent technologies, the Post-It note, smuggled in from elsewhere in Europe and I have carefully transcribed the images and issuing cities of each region and attached them around the checkpoint allowing for much faster cross referencing.

Just in time really because this job continues to get more stressful as spies, diplomats and forged papers have started showing up on the scene, this is way beyond my pay grade but I suspect that simply saying no to any of these requests will not end well for me and my family so I will do what I have to do. Play to basically any side that makes a request of me. This cannot work out well long term, but it lets me survive in the short term. Long term does me no good if I can’t get there.

I just need to keep working, hopefully things will settle down and I have have enough time to process events and work out a plan, otherwise I am going to go enter some form of process blindness and start telling my wife “Papers, Please” after I get home from work.


  1. Nice video, useful that you can confirm afterwards that you were indeed missing a detail. This game makes you doubt yourself far too much.

    For fingerprints, you get a printout from the central administration for that name, listing any official aliases. You also get his paper with fingerprints which of course need to correlate.

    1. Thanks, so I guess what I did wrong was not comparing the two sets of fingerprints?

      I could have detained them and gotten credits out of the deal too!

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