Welcome to Ranstotzka. Papers, Please.

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Good news everyone. I just received a letter from the Ministry of Labor informing me that I won the October Labor Lottery. I have to report to the Ministry of Admission at the Grestin Border Checkpoint. It should be a pretty mindnumbing job and the class 8 dwelling that is provided isn’t very good, but it is vital that I do my part for the glorious nation of Ranstotzka.

Apparently I will get paid for everyone I let in correctly, and they will know because they already have someone whose job is to double check and they get paid for every mistake they catch so no doubt they will be paying very close attention and willing to pull any bullshit reason they can to show I made a mistake.

So I guess I just have to sit down, memorise today’s rulebook and practice my signature phrase: Papers, Please.

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