The Ranchanted Cave 2 – E8 – Cave Conquered

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After 8 episodes and about 10 hours of play the Enchanted Cave 2 has been beaten. The dragon-man I started out with has taken down not only the Necromancer but his ultimate creation the demon he crafted using the souls of 999 adventurers and capped off with his very own soul.

For such a significant sounding threat, the demon was surprisingly passive. It seemed content to squat on floor 100 waiting for me to show up and in the meantime just the big evil thing it did? Make it rain. Once the summoning is complete the rain begins and does not let up until it is destroyed, I guess sometimes demons are a bit odd.

So what did I think of The Enchanted Cave 2? I like it, it is a nice cheap little RPG. Its story justifies the odd artifact/junk item set up and the story justifies why and how this cave sustains itself. I like the idea of a self filling dungeon that feeds off of the greed of the adventurers that it attracts even if ultimately I’d expect to see a business form around “mining” the first 10 levels or so of the dungeon, though I guess the necromancer could counteract that by simply making escape wings spawn later the more you enter the dungeon.

It was a tricky game to let’s play because like many games it runs much longer than any reasonable discussion about its mechanics and story can really provide, but as a regular player I feel it fits quite well into the niche of a game I can play while I am watching things or otherwise unwinding. That is one of my favourite niches in gaming actually, mostly because I spend far too much time trying to watch and listening to things.

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