Jarenth Plays, Intermission

Heya, readers.

As you may have read and/or surmised by now, Jarenth Plays Starships officially came to an end last week. Hope you all enjoyed it! I’ve appended the Let’s Play Overview page with a much-needed Starships Index; it will now be easier than ever to quickly find your favourite episode! Is it the one where I effortlessly kill everyone ever? Or the other one where I do that?

“Jarenth, Jarenth, when’s your next Let’s Play?” I’m glad you asked, Nobody In Particular! Short answer is, I’m currently working on it. I have two possible games lined up; once I finish harvesting gameplay material from both of them, I’ll have to decide which one to do — either ‘if any’, or ‘first’. I hope to get to this in a handful of weeks. Please yell at me if I haven’t started anything by the end of August, alright? Let’s use that as a soft social deadline.

Once again, thanks to everyone for reading my work and leaving comments! And if you like what we’ve been doing here, with Jarenth Plays in particular and Ninja Blues at large in general, please consider donating to our Patreon Campaign if you haven’t already! The support we’re already getting from our current backers is an incredible motivator to continually cast aside my social life in favour of writing more of these things.

– Jarenth

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