The Ranchanted Cave 2 – E7 – One Last Soul

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Last time we made it down to the Necromancer and instead of confronting him and taking him down decided that maybe right now was a good time to go get some fresh air, maybe a beer. Leave fighting evil and saving the world for another day, one where we are a little less concerned with self preservation and perhaps just a little less sober too. Today is that day let’s take down that necromancer.

I really do not know why I kept assuming that the Necromancer would be the final boss. I mean his big final plan was pretty freaking obvious since it was distributed across the entire cave system in a series of secret rooms. There is no way that the game could get away without letting that prepared material pay off.

In other words I really should have known he might have a backup plan for how to obtain that very last soul. Guess it is time to explore another 20 even tougher floors.

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