The Ranchanted Cave 2 – E6 – The Better Part of Valour

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Finally the long dungeon crawl reaches the end. I meet the Necromancer and epically run away. I like to try to learn from my mistakes and when I originally played this game just after it was released on Kongregate I had a similar run where I made it through half of the dungeon and then fought the Necromancer who utterly crushed me. Net result was that I was reset to outside the cave as if the previous run had never happened. This might have been fine for a short dip in the cave but for an extended run which contained a very large amount of progress. Well let’s just say I closed the browser tab and didn’t look back until the steam release.

In general I don’t really like losing large amounts of progress at a time, as much as I love Spelunky and NecroDancer, when I die in them I lose that current run, somewhere between 5 and 30 minutes of play. Losing hours of progress at a stroke is the kind of thing that gets me to abandon games, especially when they are built on slow and steady progress like an RPG.

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