The Ranchanted Cave 2 – E5 – Time To Do Some Maths

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The longer this run lasts the more I am leaning on that heal spell, effectively I am substituting mana for health. This approach clearly has its limitations but they are pretty straightforward to work out, none of the information I am using is hidden. The cost of the spell is standardised and the amount I heal is shown every time I cast it.

So how much is a single point of mana worth? Well, depends on my magic, but at the start of this episode, 1 mana was a little over 6 (122/20) health. Even there that means that a single point of mana regeneration is worth more than the most health regen I have ever put on an item via enchantment. Time to slowly phase out health regen in favour of more mana. Heck spare mana lets me get away with a bunch of other things too, I can convert mana into attack via spells, I can convert mana into gold via transmutation and lastly I can convert mana into knowledge by revealing the entire level. I don’t know why I didn’t start this transition earlier.

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