The Ranchanted Cave 2 – E3 – Gotta Catch Em All

In this episode of Ranchanted Cave I unlock the Transmute spell, now literally anything I can pick up can be turned into an artifact and kept. Does that mean that they also get a slot in the museum? Do I have to collect everything now?

I definitely picked the wrong approach in this episode, starting at level 0 every time is technically optimal, but it isn’t really very fun, it just makes the game tedious as you wipe easy floor after easy floor on your way down to the challenging areas. At least the viewers can skip that part but it is something to keep in mind, maybe stop letting the early levels give rewards, or simply remove access to Max Depth-20 and above. I am sure the Necromancer can justify it somehow. All I know is that it made it a lot harder to go back to the game for the next episode even though I had entered that higher risk zone again.

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