Ranneko Plays Pitiri 1977 – EP2 – A Twist Too Far

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Well… that was over quickly. This is not really a complaint, I would rather a game finishes rather than drag on until it ceases to really be an interesting experience. I was however expecting it to at least last out the week.

The ending does just try to pile up several twists in a row which I think is a real mistake. For a twist to pay off you need build up, you need time for the audience to reach a new equilibrium, get comfortable with it and then you can mix it up again with the next twist. Here we have:
– Actually the Robots are Evil

– Actually the Kidnapper was friendly and just trying to help

– Actually you have always lived on a space station, let’s fly off into the sunset.

None of that is particularly problematic but I just didn’t really care by the last one.  The alternative ending is no better, it just replaces always lived on a space station with “You have missed 5 years”, in a longer game these could have been spaced out and the same twists would have been more interesting.

There is a reason why a half hour long TV-show rarely has as many twists per episode as an hour long one.

Join me next time where I need to figure out yet another game to play. Dang.

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