RanStacking – EP3 – Stacking With Altitude

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A train, a boat and now a zeppelin. Where will the baron deploy his crew of child workers next?

I really need to pay more attention to the size of NPCs, because that is definitely a cue for some of the puzzles I just seem to take a while to put together. I ran into it with the end of the cruise ship and again when rearranging the lines in the train station here. I just assumed that the tellers were unimportant, until it became obvious that they were part of the puzzle. Doh.

Also hijinks, I should probably explore them more but the ones I have encountered so far all fall under the same brush, find a doll that does X silly thing, do X to enough other dolls or in the right environment and then that doll gets some kind of gold accessory. They are very silly and kind of quick. They sound pretty easy to collect if you are looking for them, though I think I would prefer something more interesting. Was collecting the German family in the train station also technically a hijink?

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