A Light Sprinkling Of Site News

Heya, readers. Two small updates for you:

1) You may have been wondering why there was no second Tabled For Discussion this Thursday. I don’t think I was clear about this in the announcement post, so to clarify: the current posting schedule for this feature is one Thursday every two weeks. Lostclause has indicated that this is a schedule he’s comfortable with.

2) The Ninja Blues Patreon just surpassed fifty monthly dollars. This is super rad. So, as an open message to everyone supporting us financially: you’re all amazing people and your support means the world to us. And as an open message to everyone supporting us with traffic and exposure: you’re all amazing people too.

As yesterday’s Yomi stream has shown — and as a side note, we hope to have that stream archived and uploaded soon for those of you who couldn’t make it — we’re already hard at work converting your financial contributions into site content. And that one was only the tip of the iceberg. All I can say is, stay tuned.

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