Yomi stream on Thursday

Hi, Internet! Ninjustin here, and Jarenth and I want to stream again. Been awhile, huh? We decided to spend some of our Patreon funds to buy two copies of Yomi, which sells itself as “a fighting game in card form.” Sounds very amusing! We hope it will be amusing for you to watch us virtually flail at each other.

We’ll be streaming on Thursday the 14th, at 19:00 GMT. Here is the time on a handy time converter site. Hope to see you there!


  1. Card games and fighting games coming together? I’m trying desperately to wring a joke out of the fact that Tekken has Kings and Jacks, but I’m getting nowhere fast. If someone wants to whip up a gag about it and bring it to the stream later, that’d be great.

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