Back In The Air

Heya folks. Sorry for the unexpected outage. Lessons were learned: keep your website properly updated.

To compensate for the brief hours of No Ninja Blues, I have two pieces of good news for you:

1) The next Jarenth Plays installment should, ceteris paribus, go live next Tuesday. Yes, I know I said it’d be ‘end of March, start of April’, not ‘end of April, start of May’. In my defense, I was really intended to get it done faster this time around. And then I just didn’t.

But! Tuesday 5th, if all goes well. And then once a week from there on out.

Yes, once a week. Turns out this particular Let’s Play is a little shorter than expected! But, to compensate for that

2) Regular site reader and Twitter pal lostclause pitched the idea of writing semi-regular tabletop RPG articles for Ninja Blues a little while ago. And given that we both liked his initial offering… again, all going well, you should see the first installement of this as-yet-unnamed feature appear on Thursday 7th. It’s a new content direction for Ninja Blues, to be sure: we haven’t really done anything unrelated to video games yet. But I think you guys’ll enjoy lostclause’s work!

– Jarenth


  1. Yay! Tabletop stuff! I *love* tabletop stuff.

    Except when I hate it because it makes me miss playing it, which is always, so boo tabletop stuff!

    No, but seriously, this is awesome news. Thank you!

    1. We’re going to try and focus a little on games that are different so that you might be able to get them to the table under different circumstances. GM-less games, games for fewer players and games that you might be able to talk board game players into will be among the things we plan to cover. Hopefully something will work for you!

    1. What happened was Thanatos had unemployment emergencies and let writing fall by the wayside and he doesn’t know how to make it up to people and he’s sorry, but he has a job now, so if you at least pretend to not be mad at him, he’ll start writing content again.

      1. Oh, I was never mad; I was simply curious. It is good to hear you have a job again, as “can afford food” is much more important than “has time for a Let’s Play”.

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