And Some Brief Indie Wonderland News To Boot

Heya, Indie Wonderland readers.

Due to a conflux of reasons — mostly related to work and late-night obligations — my next three weeks are slated to be the busiest couple weeks on Jarenth record. As such, I can’t be entirely sure I’ll be able to get any Indies Wonderland going for ’em. And yes, this is coming from the guy who regularly sacrifices his sleep schedule to get a few more words out. Depending on how exactly the coming weeks play out, I may just not have enough time to play enough games to the degree where I feel comfortable writing about them. Let alone the actual act of writing three columns.

Not saying there won’t be anything the next three weeks: I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to get a full column up next Monday, and I might have something in the pipeline for the one after that. But simultaneously, things might not pan out that way. Consider this heads-up: delivered.

Assuming disruptions do pan out, regular Indie Wonderland service will resume Monday March 30th. And hopefully, Jarenth Plays should start back up Tuesday March 31st as well!

Stay tuned, as always.

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