The Star Realms Diaries: Jarenth Vs. Ranneko 2: Jarenth Vs. Ranneko Harder

That’s right, everyone! More Star Realms for the masses. Ranneko and I both enjoyed doing the first Star Realms Diary, so we decided to record a second game. We hoped it’d be different from the first, and interesting to talk about and watch in its own way. We got two out of three, so that’s not bad.

So yeah. If the last Star Realms Diary was a showcase of the interplay of different card effects and the many possibilities for turnaround and comeback Star Realms offers, this one perfectly showcases that sometimes, it’s just one guy beating another guy into the ground.

Star Empire, man, I don’t know what to say. You get enough of them around, against an enemy without defensive bases or Authority, and… well, this video happens. Consequently, you’ll see that neither of us has that much to say: ‘I am winning now’ and ‘I am losing now’ only take us so far. Better luck next time?

Also, yeah, the music’s a little loud. We’ll get to the perfect level of audio distraction at some point. Trust me.

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