The Spelunky Stream: Youtube Edition

Hey everybody, Ninjustin here. I realized recently that Hitbox hasn’t been keeping our old stream recordings on its online storage. Apparently it deletes each recording after a few weeks, or something? But I do have them all saved locally, so I figured that people who don’t get to show up to some or any of our streams deserve to watch them too, if they’re inclined.

I’m starting with the I Am Bread and Spelunky stream we did almost two months ago. It took awhile to upload two hours of stream footage to Youtube, but here it is in all its glory!

You can skip the first minute and a half if you want to get to the part where anything happens. It’s a few minutes of I Am Bread followed by a few hours of Spelunky, with me, Jarenth and Val talking over it, so view at your own leisure/risk.

More, bigger news coming soon.


  1. Awesome. The last few weeks my ISP has been going bonkers so I missed a couple streams. I will be watching these after I get myself a new ISP.

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