Val’s Stream Tomorrow

In case you forgot, Val is streaming a Star Wars: Jedi Knight game tomorrow! It’s going to be at 2:00 PM Central (same time as usual) tomorrow (Saturday as usual) but it going to be on her personal Hitbox channel rather than the Ninja Blues one. I’ll be there, and I think Jarenth will be there, and Val will be there, so you should definitely be there too.

Also: So, nobody showed up to the League of Legends stream last night. That’s fine, I won’t go into self-loathing mode just yet — people have come to our Saturday streams in the past, so I know we aren’t totally unwatchable. I could take a number of lessons from this: our viewers don’t watch streams at US’s night time, our viewers don’t watch streams on weeknights, our viewers don’t watch League of Legends streams, or maybe our viewers just don’t watch League of Legends streams on weeknights during US’s night time. I don’t know which, but this is still useful information either way. League might just not be a good fit for Ninja Blues, especially since streaming made my game lag much more anyway.


  1. I’d love to watch your streams, but 5am (GMT) is pretty brutal even by my nocturnal standards. Do you guys have a copy of the footage anywhere? I wouldn’t mind watching it post-broadcast, even if its a little less interactive…

    … and I see its 2pm Cental right now. Hitbox hooooo!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I both forgot about it and hadn’t checked what time it was because Central time has little meaning to me. If it is 5am GMT; then yeah, I wasn’t awake/was getting ready to go to SFI at the time.

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