The Star Realms Diaries: Jarenth Vs. Ranneko

Hey, look, everyone! A video about Star Realms! And it has me in it, and Ranneko!

I could explain what this video’s about… or you could start it up right now, and have Ranneko’s smooth, dulcet tones explain the idea to you. I know which version I’d prefer, I’ll tell you what.

If you’d really prefer a summary before loading the video:

As I mentioned in the 2014 Wrap-Up Discourse Dojo, I’ve been playing Star Realms every day for the past several months. I don’t play random people very often, instead preferring to repeatedly challenge the ever-expanding stable of my online friends who get into Star Realms: Varewulf, Asimech, krellen, Gragsmash, Aulayan, McNutcase… and Ranneko. It is he who approached me with an interesting idea a few weeks back: we would play a normal game of Star Realms against each other, as we normally do, except we would also both narrate our actions and choices and record these on video. The idea was to create a mini-Let’s Play of sorts, an insight into the two diverse thought patters that go into one game of Star Realms.

And then we did. That’s what this video is. Feel free to watch it now, forewarned as you are.

Assuming you’ve watched the video, I have a few after-the-fact remarks:

1) I’d like to point out that Ranneko and I didn’t actually synchronize or discuss the stuff we said, at any point. I bring this up because looking back at the video, there are a few parts where we segue into each other quite naturally. My ‘back to Ranneko’ to his ‘back to me’, for example. All of that’s just happenstance, believe it or not.

2) I quite enjoy that Ranneko called me perfectly the first one or two turns. The first turn in particular just had one optimal move, so I’m not pegging him as psychic just yet. But it made me giggle regardless.

3) In a similar vein, the fact that my early discarding action is what made Ranneko miss out of Mech World is hilarious to me. I often have mixed feelings on the actual usefulness of Discard cards, but if he’d gotten Mech World and Command Ship…

4) We haven’t actually decided if we want to do more of this! Readers/viewers: if you want to see more Star Realms Diaries, either with me and Ranneko or in other setups, let us know!

5) It’d be remiss of me not to mention that Star Realms is currently a part of the Humble Card Games Bundle. So if you’re interested in it now, or if you’ve been thinking about getting it… now’s your chance!

6) Ranneko’s commentary on this video can be found here.


  1. … and I’ve instantly downloaded Star Realms. Just when I thought I had enough timesinks :P Would love to see more videos in this format. On a technical note, Jarenth’s vocal is pretty quiet.

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