Some Stream Announcements

Hi, viewers. Ninjustin here and I’ve got two announcements for two streams.

1. Weekly League streams! I brought this up in our Volgarr the Viking stream yesterday, but I’ve been thinking for awhile about doing a regular gaming stream. I’ve also been meaning to get back into League of Legends, which I like quite a lot, have spent too much money on, but haven’t played regularly in months. Val plays it almost daily and whenever she tells me about it I just think about how much better I could have been getting all this time.

The problem is that with my unpredictable work schedule (I’m a cashier), there isn’t really any time during the day that I can say I’ll almost always be free except on Saturday, and that’s when we usually either stream something random or record a podcast. The only time I can assuredly say I’m free is at 11:00 PM or later. And I’m alright with a nightly stream, but I don’t know how many of you could make it to that, especially since some of you don’t live in America.

But fuck it, I’ll try. I’m going to stream League of Legends this Thursday (Jan. 22) at 11:00 PM US Central time. Be there or be, uh, a cool person either way, I guess.

2. Val’s gonna stream this Saturday! She’s decided to play one of those old Jedi Knight games. Which one will it be? Will it be Jedi Knight, the 90s shooter that had a lightsaber in it? Will it be Jedi Outcast, which downplayed the shooting in favor of frantic lightsaber flailing? Or will it be Dark Forces, the Star Wars themed DOOM clone that didn’t have Jedi Knight in the name and thus make the series confusing to talk about? I dunno. Whichever, though, there will probably be lightsabers.

We’ll give the time and a link to her channel on Friday. It won’t be Ninja Blues Official™ but she’ll be there, I’ll be there, and Jarenth may or may not be there.


    1. Yes it does, for it notified me about the Saturday one. BECAUSE IT HAS TO RUB IN THE FACT I HAD TO WORK. Stupid Hitbox. It did it on purpose.

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