2015’s First Site News: On Let’s Plays, Contact Details, And More Let’s Plays

Heya, cool people who know where it’s at. Three bits of Ninja Blues Site News for you today.

One: given that Jarenth Plays Beyond Earth has been going on for quite a while now, we’ve updated the Let’s Play overview page to include a running episode tally. For those of you who really wanted to go back to earlier episodes, but, like, without the hassle of scrolling back three pages, here’s your chance!

Two: we’ve updated the About Page with some more contact information. Raise your hand, everyone who knew before today Ninja Blues totally has a gmail address. Yeah, that’s what I thought: not seeing any hands from where I’m sitting.

Three: While Ninja Blues is primarily Jarenth and Ninjustin, we’ve always maintained an open-to-interested-guest-authors stance. And guess what? A few weeks ago, it occurred that a mutual friend of ours who goes by the name of Thanatos was toying with the idea of writing an interesting-sounding Dragon Age: Origins Let’s Play. And that he was mostly held back by lack of a good place to put it online. So, long story short: Thanatos Plays Dragon Age starts today, here on Ninja Blues, and will be running every Wednesday for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and four: there may also be some light streaming this weekend. Stay tuned.

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