Ninja Blues, Non-Official Curators Of Goodness

Heya, readers! Ninjas? Bluesies? What do we call you guys, anyway? ‘Cool people who know where it’s at’?

Anyway, cool people who know where it’s at, a little bit of site news for you. Since we haven’t been very vocal about this, it may have fallen by the wayside that we have an official Ninja Blues Steam group you can totally join. And back when Steam curation became a thing, we expanded that group with our official Ninja Blues curation list.

It’s a small list, at the moment, as we’ve only recently started doing this. But I can guarantee you that every game on that list carries the Official Jarenth And/Or Ninjustin Seal of This Is A Pretty Okay Game, You Guys. And, obviously, more will be coming as we encounter and play more games that are worth recommending.

And thanks for reading Ninja Blues, all of you! Stick with us, kids, because we’re going places.

– Jarenth.

– Or Ninjustin.

– Who wrote this post? Ha ha, you’ll never know!

– Unless you’ve been reading for long enough to recognize that this is typically a style Jarenth would write in.

– Dang.

Unless it’s a ninja trick, haha! Uncertainty: restored!


  1. Go! Go! Nippon makes the cut =D

    I highly approve of the Mark of the Ninja/Gunpoint/Bastion trifecta. Also Wolf Among Us! I love that game so much. And because it’s not _quite_ so bleak as The Walking Dead I don’t have to spend ten months getting up the mental energy to actually run the game :p

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