Ninja Blues Stream in 18 Hours!

Ninjustin here with an update about the stream. Still happening tomorrow (Saturday) at the scheduled time of 2:00 PM Central, I’m still gonna be playing FTL and whatever else. But! Now I have a link to our stream page: We’re using Hitbox because I don’t like Twitch monopolizing the game streaming scene, and because I’ve heard Hitbox has less delay, and because I tried it first and it worked and that was good enough for me.

I tried using OBS before and it seemed too confusing to me, but Hitbox has a really handy guide for how to set up OBS for Hitbox streaming. So it’s still a bit more complicated than Livestream, but not by much, and the end result is much better.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. I really like OBS, seems to do what I need it to for game recording and it is common enough that you have a good pool of help articles to draw upon.

    Not really worked out overlays, but not seen a great need for them so far.

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