Ninja Blues Stream this Saturday!

Ninjustin here, and you heard it here first! Jarenth and I are going to STREAM VIDEO GAMES LIVE FOR YOU!

Q: Which Saturday? This one? Next one? A distant Saturday, perhaps in 2019? Also, when on said hypothetical Saturday?

A: Saturday, November 15th, 2014, at 2:00 PM Central time. Mark your calendar and set an alarm on your iOS or Android device, motherfucker.

Q: Who all will be there?

A: Jarenth and I will be speaking. Val might also hop on the server. (I figure she deserves a spot since she made the art for this very website.) We won’t be letting anyone else on voice chat this first time.

Q: Video games, you say?

A: I’ve got my sights on FTL, which I’ve recently picked back up and been playing more than I probably should be. If we get bored, I might switch to Spelunky. Or something else. I’m keeping my mind open.

Q: Where are you streaming? Livestream? Twitch? Youtube? Hitbox?! A CAMCORDER FROM THE 90S??!!

A: I dunno. We’ll spend the next few days testing different streaming software and websites. On the day of the stream I’ll post a link here. Stay tuned.

Q: But I’ve got a wild party on Saturday!

A: Reschedule it, motherfucker.


  1. Seriously though, reschedule that goddamn party. The guests will understand.

    Or better yet! Turn it into a Ninja Blues viewing party! Your guests will totally understand, because that would be rad as hell. Get some snacks, put our stream on whatever giant-ass TV you have, play drinking games around our eventual many failures. It’ll be cool.

    If you’re not the one organizing the wild party, please forward this message to the designated host.

  2. I don’t like wild parties, I do like streams, and I’m not sure if I want to buy FTL, so showing up seems like a capital idea. Barring unforeseen circumstances, like falling asleep on the sofa after work, I shall most certainly pop in.

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